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The Ultimate Internet
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The next Big Income Revolution
As Forecasted by World-Renowned Economists

Hi all and welcome to my site. When i originally started in internet marketing 3 years ago, little did i dream where it would take me...

You trully can make a very good income using just the internet and the methods contained on this website. Income revolution has sold very well as an ebook and its original price was $297. Follow the techniques on this site/ebook and you will definately make money...Guaranteed.

Because this product is a couple of years old now , i am giving it away for free but the info is still very relevant and very valuable.

I have included my original sales page and you can read each chapter by clicking on the links.Good luck
Steve Ryan

My Original Income Revolution Sales page

"How BAD would you feel if someone told you about-How to Make a Fortune in the next TRILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY and you did not do anything about it, only to realize years later you had missed out on your best chance to make more MONEY than you dreamt possible?...."

I guarantee that even a complete NOVICE can make a Min of $800 Profit Per Week using the INTERNET With my methods and these amazing wealth building products


Hi Steve,I received The Ultimate Leverage Marketing System today. Thankyou! Ispent about 3hrs this evening studying it, and I am most impressed - excited - and find the information AMAZING! ......Geoff S. Hereford UK

After buying more rubbish than i care to mention, your manual is a real eye opener...not only does it work, its the first opportunity to actually make me REAL money..Look forward to continuing our business venture...... P Looker Peterborough UK

This is great...GREAT stuff, the attention to detail and research you must have done is staggering, please keep me informed of any updates that you do and heres looking forward to my first million bucks...... Jo S. NYC USA

Ive just got my website up and running useing your methods and the cash is coming, thanks for a brilliant opportunity. I am already in profit and i cant stop smiling...Cheryl R...... Aberdeen Scotland

The information is very well researched and presented, i couldnt put it down. I was still reading 4 hours later.I KNOW this is going to make me money, well done mate...... Del S. Essex UK

Imagine you making 1000's of dollars, euros or pounds (whichever is your currency) every week from home setting your own hours. Without any staff, no large investment or need for stock. Imagine if you could find someone who does this and is willing to teach you each and every step of the way how to do the same. I do, and now if you are willing to learn, I am willing to teach you. Don't be a sceptic, open your mind, give yourself a chance to explore the facts!

Make money from what has to be the easiest way you will find EVER!!!!!! You can Quickly and Easily Set-up a Fully Automated Internet Business in a few days just following what I show you step by step.

My Home Based INTERNET Business earned me in the last two years $755,968 An average of $7,283 per week.
I recently learnt a way to market products on the Internet that is so powerful it is the Ultimate Leverage Marketing System. It is a way you can get your product in front of millions of potential buyers at no cost at all to you. As we all know business is a numbers game. So if you can get your products seen by millions of people at no cost to you, then you can not fail to make a profit can you?
This latest method will dramatically increase my earnings; I need other motivated people to take advantage of what I have discovered for mutual financial benefit.
Why Show other people? Now to answer the question that you sceptics will be asking yourselves "Why show other people? Why not just do it all yourself!"
Because I worked out that it would take me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the next 16 years just to take advantage of the opportunities that I have seen so far with my latest marketing method.
You will get my proven methods that you can Duplicate within days and get the chance to get involved

with a new money making venture that offers even more potential than i have done up to now. You will see samples of my marketing, you can look at one of my web sites, and you will receive two of my products I sell online and resell them yourself .


You can get started with less than $35 (£20)
I will GIVE YOU info products i currently sell at a great profit. You are free to sell these so you can start earning immediately.
You have put your hand up to say you want to make a lot of money. Now prove you mean it. Read all of this report. And take action.

This report contains genuine information that will allow anyone probably the best chance they have seen to make serious money.


To a lot of you I am already living a dream lifestyle; I get up when I want, I don't have to commute to work, I get as much time off as I want without asking the boss, I don't have any stress, no employees giving me grief, plenty of time with the family, I have a passive income 24 hours a day 7 days a week, no bad debts to chase, I have plenty of spare time to train for my sport, I choose the hours when I want to work. Don’t get me wrong my business requires effort and involvement, but not what I would call hard work.

But this is not a dream for me now, it is now normal. You could be living this lifestyle within a few weeks but will you allow yourself to do it?

If you decide to join me, you will receive a comprehensive training. I will guide you every step of the way. You can email me for help.

If you have been searching for the perfect home business, that costs virtually nothing to start, that only needs a few hours a week to run, that you could run from your spare room, or a villa in the sun, or anywhere you choose in the world.

That requires no stock, needs no staff, you never have any bad debts. It is a business that allows you to make a passive income 24hrs a day, 7 days a week without you having to be there.

You can make money while you shop, play golf, or sleep. You will have money coming to you from all parts of the world. It is a business that will allow you to make embarrassing amounts of money for such little effort. No MLM's or selling to family and friends, no recruiting, no meetings to attend.


If you think this sound’s too good to be true, I can understand that if you are someone who has to go out and work hard for little return. But in this report you will see it is true, you see that it is real, I am doing it. Many others around the world are doing it, AND SO COULD YOU, IF ONLY YOU WOULD ALLOW YOURSELF TO DO SO.


Business is a number game. I am going to repeat this fact several times. Even a blind person will hit the target if he fires enough bullets.

With the Internet it is the amount of people you can get to for very little cost or work is what makes it so powerful.

Where else can you find a marketing opportunity that provides between 200 and 500 million people per day, every day looking for information, help, solutions, ideas, products.

Another point I will be repeating is that you find the market place first not the product. You find out what people are looking for and supply them with products that meet their needs or wants.

You need to need to learn how to work smart not hard then making a lot of money becomes a reality.

I sell a report about Infertility because I found that 7 million people a month were searching for information on this subject. What do I know about Infertility? Nothing.

What about Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I have recently created an information product on this subject because I found a place on the Internet where 5 million people a month are searching for information on that subject.

Gardening, I hate gardening. But god bless the millions of people who go onto the Internet with their trowel in one hand and their credit card in the other. I have information product on various gardening subjects because people will spend money on subjects they are interested in if it is presented in the right way. Millions of people are online right now looking for info on gardening; some of it comes my way. Only a very small percentage of those send me money. But a very small percentage of millions of people sending you between $3.00 and $30.00 adds up to a nice amount of money. Can you see that?


They say the key to making money on line is traffic! I have recently found a way to get my or your products seen by millions of people who you know are interested in what you have at no financial cost to you what so ever. So then if you only need a small percentage to buy your product to make a good living, then tell me why is this to good to be true?

So if the reality is that you can get your product in front of millions of potential customers without spending any money, and you only need a small percentage of those millions of people to take up your offer you will see it is a reality that you can achieve your dream of making a lot of money, if you listen to what I tell you and do what I show you in way that I tell you it will happen.

Ok....I know what you are thinking. You've heard it all before. There are lots of people on the Internet promising instant riches for no work. Yes I know I have seen them. Most of the supposed Internet Gurus who tell you they have made Millions don't tell you they made their money by selling the course they you want to buy. I am not in that business I do not sell biz opps online. I sell information products, but real products that people get value from. I am not going tell you I have made millions from the Internet because I haven't. But I have recently discovered a marketing method on the Internet that will change that.

Please don't associate me and what I am offering with the biz opp promoters who just want to sell you a manual, course or video and never hear from you again until they sell you another unworkable deal. Why on earth would someone sell you a business idea if it is so good just for an up front fee and not want anything ongoing from your efforts?

If any small minded pessimist disputes my earnings, I have bank statements and other documents to prove it, I have too much to lose by my reputation in what I have planned for the future in making up my earnings.

I am not going to lie to you and tell you that you will make a lot of money for no effort. My business requires effort in setting up the products and the web sites. It's not hard work; it's not difficult but does require effort. If you are work shy and lazy it will not work for you or anyone.

You never get ANYTHING valuable in life without putting in some effort. But to me my business is simple. All I have to do is look on web sites that I will show you to see what people are looking for (market research), I then spend time looking for material on the Internet or in the library to collate into an info product (product development), I then put finished product on my web site (business set up) and advertise my product in the way I am going to show in this report (marketing).

I don't call that hard work do you, but it requires effort. When I first started doing this I found it quite hard as I was never any good at English literature, and I was brand new to computers. But I kept saying to myself if I want to get out of the rut I was in, NO MONEY AND NO PROSPECTS, then I hard to learn something new. Some of you will find it easier than others; some will pick it up quicker than others. It doesn't matter if you are slow at the start, just don't give up. Just go at your own pace. I am very stubborn, once I decide I am going to do something, I will do it or go mad trying but I will not give up. You can make the same amount of money as me, if you are as motivated as I am.

You get nothing for nothing if life. If you want to have a new career and make a lot of money, then you have to be prepared to learn new stuff, put in the effort, accept that not everything goes smoothly and things will go wrong, shit happens, but as Winston Churchill said never, never give up.

I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth, nor do I come from a wealthy family, quite the opposite. I used to work as a mechanic, and I left school with little qualifications. I know what it's like to be broke, having debts to pay and wondering how I will I ever get out of the hole I seemed to be in. But I never gave up on my dream no matter how bad things were I knew there had to be a way. And boy did I find it.

I have tried all sorts of things in the past to make money. I have been a mug and bought some crap ideas that were just unworkable. I joined MLM's and had a spare room full of products I could not sell. But that's all history water under the bridge, learnt my lesson and moved on. I have been through the school of hard knocks.

I am sure because you are on a list of people interested in making money that like me you have received all sorts of weird and wonderful offers to make you money, some genuine and some just out right cons. I have wasted lots of money on biz opp material that was just a waste of time and money. I even went to seminar at a cost of over $2000. I may be a bit thick but I did not learn how I could make a lot of money, there were several so called Guru's wanting more money to show me the big secret.

I am sure you have read lots of Internet offers promising to show the 7 best systems to do X, the 10 new ways to do Y, 5 ways to do Z, it's all bollocks.

Be guided by someone who has actually done it

Someone who has had the first hand experience you want - and need - to maximise your earnings...
Someone who is successful at writing ads, sales letters and other marketing pieces...   Someone who can "customise" your learning experience so you get best from it...
Someone who will work with you and keep you on the right track to achieve your goals...
Someone who understands that everyone is different and will help you understands what you need to do...

Profit from my knowledge

Now I want YOU to profit from my knowledge that I have gained in the last 4 years. By training you to make money online, you could become one of my private protégé groups learning the exact same method I use the make a lot of money.

All top sports people have coaches and trainers. All top business people have advisers, coaches, personal trainers etc. I race off-road motor bikes for a hobby; I often go on training days with the op riders. So why aren't you getting personal advice from people with the experience your need?  Know the answer to why most people don't, they are to narrow minded to pay for advice and Training.

I have many books on my book shelve about top entrepreneurs; they all have a team of advisers. You personally will have to be an exceptional talented person to figure out how to make a lot of Money by yourself.

I have spent thousands of pounds on personal training over the years, in marketing, copywriting And personal development. And I will spend thousands more in years to come, because I know how valuable it has been to me.

If you decide to join me and work with me I am going to show you how to set up an Internet Publishing business marketing digital products from your own web site which I will help you set up.

I am going to show how to get your web site, your offer, and your digital products in front of millions and millions of people for FREE. No cost to you what's so ever, no spam, nothing illegal? It is totally honest and ethical. Business rule #1, it's a numbers game!

This business method simply was not available a few years ago the success of the Internet in Recent years has now made it available.

This method is stage 2 of my system. Before you can use stage 2, you will need to have done Stage 1 of my system for a few weeks.

So before I tell you about my latest method of making money from the Internet I first want to tell you about how I have been making what has to be the easiest way you will ever find to make a good living for hardly any effort and very minimal risk or outlay. I am sure like most people you want to make some money quite quickly.

You can make anything from a few hundred pounds per week, to as I have several thousand per week.

I am sure you have heard of or used Google, Yahoo, Aol, Ask Jeeves, Dogpile, Alta vista, Excite, Lycos etc.

Did you know that 200 million people a day use Google and its partner sites? Think about that 200 million people every day Business is a numbers game, do the numbers and you will make the money FACT!


When you have used Google or the others have you noticed the text adverts on the right hand side of the search results page?

These are called Adwords. I will show you how to make easy money with these. Setting up your adword business is so simple, anyone can do it.

I am very confident that if you are totally crap with computers, and you have no experience what so ever in marketing just by reading my training manual you will make money without any help from me, without spending much to set it up, and once set up spend JUST A FEW HOURS A WEEK PART TIME! In fact I am so confident that anyone could do this, I will guarantee it. See end of this report.


Don't just take my word for it. In the Sunday Times Business Section Nov 9th 2003

There was an article with the headline


This article just shows that is works. As it says you have total control over what you spend. If you want to spend $36 a month you can. One man states in the article that for every
One Dollar he spends on advertising he gets $75 of sales.

Think about this very carefully, would the Sunday Times write an article about an Internet marketing method if it was not a proven way to make money.

On one Adwords campaign at 3.1Opm so far 9,856 have done a search on this subject (tiredness) 1.6% of those clicked on my advert being 157. I paid that day 0.8p per click So 157 X0.8 is $12 56 I was charged for the clicks. On average 28% of the people who go to my site buy my e-book at $4.95. 28% of 157 is 44 sales giving me $217 so far this day from one product via one advert. And it is only half way through the selling day; The USA will just be waking up.

Just imagine its a few weeks down the road. You have one product on one site similar to mine, and you are only making what this one example has just shown you. So you make $217 per day in sales minus say $20.00 for clicks giving a $197 profit per day. Seven days a week would give you $1,379 profit per week on one product. You have done no real work, you have not left your home, you have no debts to chase, and you have not got your hands dirty. There is no limit to how many products or campaigns you can have. Get your calculator out and see the potential. Even now to me this seems so good that I have to have a look in the mirror to see if it really happening to me. God bless the techno guys who invent this stuff. Only takes a small % to make good money!

As you can see this is real, it is not to good to be true, once you have your product on your web site, and you place your advert, that1 s it. That's all you have to do. Money will keep coming in for as long as you leave your adverts running. Making money could not get any simpler, or could it. Yes it can! Stage 2 of my marketing is even simpler.



For example if people are going to a search engine and entering the word diet, then obviously they want information about dieting. So what do you do? You do what I did and collate information from the Internet and put together a diet e-book or find a ready-made product to sell (I will show you how to do this), which you then advertise on the Google Adwords.

Then it's a numbers game, a % of the people who have done a search will see your advert and click on it, and a % of those will buy your product. There are no hard and fast rules to what you will make, but like anything, you more you do the more you make. You will start with one advert. Within hours, you will see if it is working or not 24/7. You have access to online performance reports 24/7 of your account. There is no minimum spending limit or time commitment. You have total control over every aspect of your campaign, you can even target your ads to users based on languages and locations. Once you are making money with one idea/product you will feel confident to do more and more.

You do not have to sit there thinking of what to market. My training material will show you how to spot markets and ideas to make you money. It will show you how to write powerful Adword ads that get the clicks and make you money. Because if you are not doing it right I will gain no benefit from you.

Let me repeat this important fact. I am going to show you how to make money by looking at Google and other places like newsgroups and forums using a simple method to spot the best opportunities for you to make good money, for very little outlay. You do not find the product first. You find the market demand first. I am going to train you how to do this.

Another reason my methods work is because there is an overabundance of free information on the Internet. People can spend hours trying to find the best information to fit their needs. So when I offer a solution that is very targeted to their needs a percentage will spend money with me or you, to save them time, because they have a need for the specific information I am offering. I am going to show very simply how to find targeted niches that you can make a lot of money from very simply.

There is not a lot more I can say about adwords because it's so simple.

All you need is in my manual.

My manual will show you how exactly to;

How to set up your adword business. (This should take you no more than 10 to 15 hours of your time in total including setting up your website and merchant account). You will then be ready to make money!!!
Spot the best market places.
How to easily get hot selling products regardless of the market place without spending virtually any money.
Where to get a simple self build web site to sell your products from. No technical or programming knowledge needed. Free 24 hours support line. (I can also help you with your site if you get stuck).
Where to get a merchant account to take credit cards, guaranteed acceptance even if you are bankrupt.
How to make money 24 hours a day 7 days a week, while you are at work, on holiday or a sleep. How to have customers from any part of the world, just as easy as the person next door to you.
The money is taken and the products delivered without you having to lift a finger.
Where to get ready made products.
What are the hottest subjects for you to make money from.
Were to get info products written if you have an idea, but don't want to write a book.


For me it's not just about the money, I also get satisfaction that I am genuinely helping people. When I get emails like the following from people it makes me feel good in a way that no amount of money could.


Firstly can i thank you for your e-book the information in it has been invaluable. I would like to purchase remedies for the parasites mentioned as well as the anti-Candida remedies and a few Copies of your book.Do you take visa or bank drafts as payment for your products as i live in Ireland and only have Euro check books.Once again thank you for your book it has helped me diagnose my health problems where the Hospital has failed to. I look forward to hearing from you , regards ,Richard Matthews

The Next BIG Thing

For the past four years I have been quietly making good money from what World-renowned economist Paul Zane Pilzer describes as the next big thing, how to make a fortune in the next TRILLION pound industry. In what he calls the Wellness Revolution.

If you have read Paul's latest book (The Wellness Revolution) you will know that Anthony Robbins says; "Paul Zane Pilzer has proven time and time again that he holds his finger on the pulse of our economy, and The Wellness Revolution is no different. Pilzer's insights into the future of our healthcare industry are revolutionary and will empower you to the next level". (End Quote)

Paul Zane Pilzner is obviously quite switched on to making money as he made $10 million before he was 30 and was appointed economic advisor during two presidential administrations as well as a commentator on CNN.

As it says in Paul's book "If you've been looking for the next big, ground-floor opportunity, catch the wave of the future—The Wellness Revolution"

Who do you know over the age of 20 who does NOT complain of at least one health problem? Whether it is being overweight, fatigue, aches and pains, arthritis, IBS, etc.

$1,221,000 in 4 years

Before you start having negative thoughts saying you don't know anything about the market place, or you don't have any products to sell. Don't worry I have taken over £1,221,000 in 4 years starting with $200 and no products of my own. Starting from scratch not knowing what I was doing.

What products do I sell? Digital information products. Don’t worry you don't need to be a writer. I could not start with a blank page and write a book. I will show you how I get information product to sell.

Don't worry if you think I don't know anything or don’t have any products for the health/well ness market place. When I started I had no products and knew very little. I will show you how to get products to market to this hungry buying sector. I don't care who you are or what experience you have; if you let me show you how, I am positive anyone can make good money. What ever objection or excuse you find to why you can not make money in this business, I will show you why you are wrong. Anyone with enough desire can do it. If I, with no academic qualifications, no prior computer or Internet knowledge when I started, being slightly dyslexic with poor spelling and understanding of grammar can do it then anyone can.

Of course you don't have to target the health market place if you don't want to. You can target any marketplace you want. There are 100's to choose from.

Please read this next section several times so you fully understand the potential of what you are being shown!

For the last four years I have made good money from Internet marketing doing all types of marketing, some of it was easy like using Adwords, but some of it was hard work but worth it. How did I Initially learn Internet marketing? I spent thousands of pounds buying courses and videos, I spent hours and hours burning the midnight candle trying and testing methods and ideas, before I found the simple ways to make money online.

I recently learnt a way to market products on the Internet that is so powerful. It is the Ultimate Leverage Marketing System. It is a way you can get your product in front of millions of potential buyers at no cost at all to you. As we all know business is a numbers game. So if you can get your products seen by millions of people at no cost to you, then you can not fail to make a profit can you?

I am not going to give you full details of the powerful stage 2 part of my business in an open letter like this. Because if you are not part of my team I don't want you to know how it works.

In fact I am if you decide to join my team, have you sign a non disclosure agreement before I Send the training material to you. This is such a powerful method of making money I want to make the most of it before too many people discover it.

I only want a small highly motivated team of people to work with. I want those people to roll their Sleeves and get stuck in and make as much money as possible over next few years before too many people catch on to what we are doing.

I sincerely expect a number of people to become millionaires using this system. So you can see it is in my interest to protect myself and my team.

I am not going to tell how it works in this letter because as I just said if you are not part of my team I don't want you to know how it works.

But I will say this; I am going to show you how you can get you products seen by millions of people by you sending just one email.

You don’t even have to think what to put in the email because I will provide you with a template email that you just fill in the blanks with your details. It is the most powerful leverage money making system you will have seen.

It has nothing to do with search engines, bulk emails, newsgroups, etc. you don't need to spend any money yourself on marketing, and you don't need to do much work yourself.

For example how would like to have an opportunity to market a product for say $10.00 to 13.5 million people in a market place that you know in advance that every one of them is interested in, at no marketing cost to you? By you just sending one email for which I will supply you the template.

Then the next day you have another product offered to another 5 million people again in advance you know they are interested in the subject again at no cost to you. All you have to do is send the exact same email I will give you; just change the name of your product.

Guess what, the next day you could have another product seen by a potential 7 million people, again you spend no money on marketing. Just one email.

Yes, you will have to have products ready in advance to do this. But when you have read my training manual you will know how to get an unlimited supply of products.

Here is where it gets exciting; I have identified at least 50 million opportunities to use this marketing method. There is no way on this earth I could ever do them all. I need help from money hungry motivated people.

If you can not make money from this; seriously no joking. Forget trying to make money in business you are an idiot.

Why show other people?

Now to answer the question that you sceptics will be asking yourselves "Why show other people? Why not just do it all yourself!"

Because I worked out that it would take me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the next 16 years just to take advantage of the opportunities that I have seen so far with this marketing method.

I am not going to lie to you and tell you that you will make money for no effort. Each project takes time to set up, including setting up the web site and putting together a product. (Bearing in mind I am a techno dumbo, crap at English literature and spelling, plus being dyslexic which slows me up). But once it set up it will make you money for years to come. I make money from sites I have not touched for two years or more. This is not a get rich quick without working deal, this is a real genuine opportunity. And like all real deals work is involved.

If I can do this coming from my back ground of being a mechanic, anyone can.

Why have I decide right now to include others?

On a personal note a close friend died recently aged 35. This really made me realise that life is short and we have to make the most of everyday and every opportunity. I am going balls out to make and do as much as possible.

If you are not achieving your goals right now, I will prove to you if you work with me that you regardless of your experience or situation can achieve a lot more than you believe right now. You just have to brush your scepticism and negative beliefs aside that are holding you back and just let me show you what to do. You can make as much money as you desire if you want it badly enough.

So if you are thinking if this is so good why aren't lots of other people doing it? My answer to you is; because it is so simple most people will not have thought of doing it because most business people and entrepreneurs are so conditioned in thinking that they have to work hard and put in the graft and hours and are so busy being caught up in the day to day running of their own business, that they never sit down to figure out ways to work smart instead of hard. And like some people who read this letter will think it's too good to be true, because they have been conditioned by society and their past experience in life that good things can not happen to them. So when something good does come their way, they dismiss it because of their negative conditioning.

Sell people what they want

I am going to share something with you now, which really is the key to my success in making money on the Internet. I originally learnt this from Ted Nicholas. (Who, by the way has sold over 200 million dollars worth of information products via mail order). Most people in mail order make the mistake of, "Finding a product" and then looking for a market place to sell it to. NO, NO, NO.


You find a market place, then find, or develop products to sell to their interests. Sell people what they want.

Health & Wellness are not the only markets you can target, there are hundreds more. Such as gardening, DIY, pets, holidays, hobbies, sport, property, food, cooking, recipes, romance, horoscopes, sex, business, investing, making money, debt, etc. All these breakdown into hundreds of subsections. (In my manual I will show one information product aimed at cat’s owners that sold 120,000 copies at £9.95 in 3 months, you work out the income on that).

Hundreds of Millions per year

Selling information and e-books via the Internet is already worth hundreds of millions a year. "FACT". HOW MUCH of that market do YOU want? It will only get bigger and it is a product that will always be in demand.

You could become an Internet Info Millionaire if you try hard enough!

Don't be concerned if you are thinking, "I don't have any products to sell" or "I don't know how to find products". I can supply you with products and ideas. Also when you have read my material you will see how simple it is to get new products. If I need material for a product idea I don't have a finished title for, then I gather 99% of my information for new products via the Internet, and I am going to show you how I do it. So don't worry about lack of products!!!!!!!!!! I will show you places on the Internet that 99% of the average Joe public doesn't know exists. Where information is public Domain (this means anyone can use it). You can use this information like I do to create products that cost you nothing to buy, nothing to deliver, nothing to manufacture. So you have huge profit margins. I will also show how to get ready made products and how to get someone to write a product for you for next to nothing.

I have plenty of ideas; just don't have time to do them all. I hope you will have some spare time and energy.

DONT FORGET I will supply you with a fantastic information product complete with website to get you up and running

I will show you exactly how to find the best ideas and markets!

You will need a web site for people to be able to place their orders by credit card.

I will introduce you to a company that will supply you with a web site, which includes merchant facilities to take credit card payment. With guaranteed acceptance for you, whatever your status. Or you can add your own like Don't worry about being not being able to customise your web site because it is very easy. You don't need any programming skills to be able to change your web site. They are made so anybody with just the very basic computer skills can use them. You can update your site yourself 24/7. Add and remove products whenever you want. You are in total control. You even have a site builder option. They have 1000s of different templates, designs, layout; styles for you to choose from and build you own sites. Or you can scrap it any time and start again.

But to me the best bit was how easy it was to use and build the site. Remember I am the original techno dumbo!

If that wasn't enough

Am I smarter or brainier than you? I would very much doubt it. I left school with only c grade results. I have never been in a University. But I do have two things going for me. My level of desire and my level of commitment for getting things done. I don't like to work long hours, but when I am working I like to be busy and I am very intense. I am only human like you and sometimes find it hard to get out of bed. Plus I am mildly dyslexic.

So when it comes to the intellectual stuff I am down the bottom. But I am good at logical stuff and when I decide I am going to do something, very little will stop me, I am very stubborn, I am very passionate and enthusiastic. So don't worry about brain cells you don't need them as long as you have genuine desire to get ahead, backed up with some genuine effort. This business does not require what I would call hard work. But like anything the more you put in the more you can take out.

             Poor education

You may have read in the papers recently that the majority of millionaires in this country had poor education and come from underprivileged backgrounds. What does that tell you? You don't need a high IQ, education or money to be rich and successful.

Fours ago I had no money and knew nothing about what I am doing today. I now live in a large 3-story house. I have $140,000 worth of vehicles paid for, I have several top class holidays a year, I have a five bedroom house with pool near Daytona in Florida, I have money in a off shore bank and no stress All in less than 4 years. But I want more. And from I have learnt in the last few months rt is going to get much more lucrative. It's up to you, you can roll your sleeves and join me and make some serious money, or keep banging your head against the wall and work hard.

You will be making money within weeks, and after 3 months, you should be in a position to give up what ever you are doing now to focus 100% on your new business full time if you want to and within 6 to 12 months you should be making more money than you thought was possible.

"Wealth is when small efforts produce big results Poverty is when big efforts produce small results."

I have committed a lot of my time, and invested money into this project before you received this letter.

Most of the people who read this web page will do absolutely NOTHING with the information on it. Consequently, they will be no better off tomorrow than they are today.Don't be that person! Click on the links below to read this awesome information

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